31 December, 2009

{Chistmas trip to Montrose} part 2 of 3

Thank you Kayla for letting Ellie and I play with your crimping iron. You know that is one of the first things on the do to list of 2010 ... get crimping iron! Ellie loved her hair and told me it looked like a shark had bit it all over {ah the mind of a 3 yr old} I told it looked rock and roll. She also decided that she was never going to sleep again so that it would not mess up and stay that way. I told her ok {world's best mom right :o) }

30 December, 2009

{Christmas trip to Montrose} 1 of 3

We just got back from a short/relaxing trip to Montrose. Mike was able to only stay one day, but luckily the kids and I stayed for about 4 days. We laughed, ate, took naps, stayed up late and meet my brother Brody's girlfriend Kayla. They meet at BYU. One evening we went to the Hot Springs in Uray, CO. The snow began to fall almost as soon as we got there. It was so beautiful and calming. The water was so hot {love it} I wish we had springs closer to us here in Thornton, guess there is always the hot tub right?!? he he he he he . . . maybe not :o)

29 December, 2009

{Merry Christmas 2009}

We had a crazy Christmas this year. It all started Friday night the 18th. I came home from work and Mike and the kids were sitting on the couch looking at the tree. The kids asked me very nicely if they could open a present {they had been sitting there for a couple of weeks} I looked at Mike and an idea was born. Mike and I had some crazy work schedules around Christmas day and I really wanted to enjoy the day with the kids and Mike. So we decided to let the kids open a couple of gifts and then we would text Santa to see if he could stop at our house early. Well Santa was to busy {tired} to come Sat. morning but luckily for the kids he came Sun. morning. There were still some gifts left to open under the tree but we left those for the 25th. The kids enjoyed their spoils of the season and Mike and I were able to relax and enjoy with them.

The morning of the 25th we were blessed to sleep in, make a huge family breakfast, open the last of the gifts, be visited by Mike's parent's and siblings and then enjoy a couple of hours at the Brassard's before I went back to work to do an overnight shift.

WOW, what a day. We hope all of you Christmas's were filled with Joy and magic and we hope in all the crazy the Reason for the Season was remembered. We love you all and miss you all!!

The Bealer Babies . . . Mike, Dee Dee, Joey, Gavin, Ellie Ann, & Beau

22 December, 2009

{I am still here}

Things have been nuts around here and I have a lot to blog about. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! Much to come stay tuned! Love Deeds