28 October, 2009

{Puppy part 2 of 2}

our sweet Beau is getting bigger all ready. But I do love how much he still loves to sleep on, with, around, near ect. us He is a lot of work, but a lot more fun. He is learning a lot and we are so glad he is a part of our family {accidents and all!}

{Puppy part 1 of 2}

Snow days makes baby puppies wanna pee inside!! No accidents yet today, but I am a good puppy mama! Beau does not want to go outside, let alone stay out there long enough to do his business. I thought I would get a cute video of his first romp in the snow, just kidding. Beau just ran right back to the front door. I had to keep picking him up and putting him out in the cold snow to do his thing, he eventually did what he needed to and then came in. I wrapped him in his blanket and Ellie loved him warm and to sleep.

{Snow Day, Snow Day}

Joey and Gavin have had to brave the snow and go to school already today {thank heaven for carpools and this was not my day to drive} Ellie and I have not even gotten out of our jammies yet today! Lot's of snow, cold and wind! Ellie looked out the window and told me she was going to make snow angels, we went on the back porch to see the snow better. She lasted as long as it took to film the little video!

22 October, 2009

{Ellie Belly}

I took this picture if Ellie on Conference Sunday. She was all cuddled on the floor ready to listen. She did her own hair that day and put a flower bow right on the top of her hair. I thought it looked silly but somehow made this picture really cute. I can not believe that my baby will be 4 in January, nor can I believe the things she thinks of or the little person she is becoming. When I look at this picture it has become one of my favorites of her. She is so innocent and not at the same time. I love her so much and feel so blessed she is mine, I know the lord knew what he was doing when he sent Ellie to me.

{Intoducing our new Bundle of Puppy Joy}

We have a new member of our family . . . Beau. Beau is a "pure bred hybrid" i.e. he is a puggle. His mother is a Beagle and his father is a Pug. He was born Aug. 29th and joined our family Oct. 17th. Mike and I originally talked about getting a puppy for Christmas, but as you can see Mike could not wait that long { I guess I wanted him a lot too!} Beau is a really good puppy and has a perfect personality for our family. He is sweet, loving and wants to always be with us. He will come follow you around and sit at your feet waiting for you to pick him up. He is a little teether and we are helping him learn what are his toys and what is not ok to put in his mouth, no major causalities yet. I love how Beau will come and curl in your lap and just crash, he is still a baby :0) We are very excited to watch our "puppy puppy" {Ellie's name for him} grow and all the memories we know are in store.

06 October, 2009


The kids were watching WallE and the music is from the beginning of the movie, Gavin has some silly moves! Well is silly the right word ?!? he he he he

04 October, 2009

Sunday To Do List . . .

1. Go to Aunt Dee Dee's
2. Empty toy bin
3. Get inside and chill

note to self, add suck on bracelet to list!

My little niece Kalea came over today with her family while we watched conference. She was very silly, but entertained for a long time!

Aisha's Rose

My niece Aisha and I were playing with photoshop while we were watching conference today. She had a lot of fun editing and playing with the different filters and enhancements. She did a great job!

03 October, 2009

Gavin Being Sillly

One more for tonight . . . My friend Sara knows a lot of words to a lot of songs. One of her favorite or should I say one she knows well is "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot. Well Gavin and Ellie were watched by her and so along with her children Gavin learned the words to the song. He can do a lot more than he was on the video. When he gets stuck Joey helps him out!
here's an other one, Auntie karin taught Ellie to pull petals off and say "he loves me, he loves me not." Only she got stuck on "he loves me not!" Listen to what Mike says at the end.

Gavin Dancing in his P.J's

Here mom, this one's for you!! Gavin watched a "Salsa Dancing" competition on T.V. and his interpretation of the way the men move their hips turned into more of a "Chip and Dales" dance than salsa. This one always makes me laugh!!! There is a little "tap" in there too from dance class!