10 November, 2011

{Happy Thursday}

HI!! I can not believe it is Thurs ... no I can not believe it is November 9, 2011!! I have a new obsession .... it is called ....

Yep I am sucked in. If you do not know what pinterest is just to the site, request a login and start pinning. Virtual pin boards that keep tract of all your CRAFT~HOME~KIDDO~FOOD~BAKING~ART~ PHOTOGRAPHY ~ECT ideas .... more categories than I can think of. All that inspiration on one fabulous site. Check it out and follow me .... I will follow you, let's see what inspires us next!

04 November, 2011

{Holy CRAP .... where have I been?!?!}

I know right!! I have been at work mostly, and sometimes at home, I have been spending time with my family and sometimes my friends ... I have a brokenish camera and do not have many pics to share, but I will do my best. I am spending the next few days getting everyone up to speed on all things Bealer Babies, and I promise to never leave you hanging like that again. Love you all miss you all.

For those if you who do not know, we got 2 new puppies, in April I believe. We have a Chocolate Lab/great Dane mix named Moose {because he is chocolate and will be as big as moose when he grows up. And a pure bred Black Lab named Diesel {cause we liked the name and LOL, Mike is a diesel mechanic.} The goal was to train them to go hunting with Mike, we did not meet the goal but we are still working on it. Diesel is a very sweet , very fat puppy who wants to do nothing but be by you and get loves. Moose is a curious puppy who love to chew {we always have bones around} and play with Diesel. Moose can be a little clumsy but he is very sweet, even when his curiosities get him in trouble. We were luck to have a friend of mine {Denise} get some pics of them at random times. I was taking some pics of them last night and thinking on how small they used to be .... and how big they are now ... how that they are still growing. We love our baby puppies, they have been an added blessing to our family.

06 April, 2011

Another Retro Wednesda

while I am at it I am posting about Joey's birthday too. Joey turned 9 on Feb 28th. As I watch my kids get bigger I know they are getting older, but I do not feel like I am getting older. Joey was 3lbs 7oz when he was born. And now he is a whopping 48lbs. He may still be little, but he has so much to give. Joey is my sweet boy who always wants to cuddle and give loves. Joey is in 3rd grade and can not wait for summer and to be in 4th!! This year we were able to give joey a party at Jungle Quest (a indoor zipline place.) He worked very hard in school to earn a party that involved the whole class. Everyone had a lot of fun and
Joey's smile did not fade for days!!!

Retro Wednesday

Ellie turned 5 this year ..... Yep my baby will be in Kindergarten in the fall. She is full of spunk, loves to dance, sing and has a lot of fun helping cook meals. Ellie has a lot of funny things that come out of her mouth she definitely keeps us entertained.She is also a little mother. She wants to take care of me, mike and her brothers. She does tend to boss around the boys and most days they just take it. She is a very tough little one who doesn't cry much when she is hurt, but can get the tears going to get what she wants from her brothers and daddy. It has been a lot of fun watching her grow up, and become the girly girl she is today. To celebrate her birthday I took her and her best friend Ashlynn to get their nails painted and feathers put in their hair. The girls giggled and had a lot of fun. It was nice as a mom to see her happy.

16 February, 2011

{Retro Wednesday}

I know I have been MIA. But this is a new year and I have a new plan. Today's Retro Post is about Valentine's Day .... I know not too retro, but I have more fun stuff for next week and am excited to share our LoVe with you!!! We had a lot of fun celebrating this year, I even got a chance to sneek in a few crafts. It was my year to give to Mikey so I planned a few things. On Sat. 02/12/11 we went out and bought a new bed spread and got massages { I know that bed thing does not seem romantic but we needed it and and new bed is always fun!} Then Sat. evening we went out to dinner at the Cherry Cricket .... it's been around for a long time and was featured on the Travel channel and the Food Network. The burgers were Awesome ..... we had a great time and my brother Cary was able to come celebrate with us. Sun 02/13/11 morning Mike made HeArT shaped red velvet pancakes and I gave Mike and the kiddos their Valentines. I thought that besides the Valentine parties at school on Mon. 02/14/11 we were done. But I was SuRpRiSeD when I came down the stairs Monday morning and there was a Dozen Roses waiting to surprise me from Mike. What a fun holiday this year. I LoVe YOU ... MY FAMILY!!