30 August, 2010

August Update ... 2010 ...Part 4 ... Eclipse

On June 3oth, eclipse (the 3rd movie in the Twilight series) came out in theaters. I had so much fun going with all of my Eastlake ward Pals. We even had werewolf cupcakes and had a ton of laughs waiting in line together. The movie of course was great and I am glad to have that memory! Thank you girls for a really fun evening!

August Update ... 2010 ...Part 3

The second week of June my three kiddos spent a week in Montrose with my parents. My brother Gordie's kiddos were there too and so my kids got a chance to get to know their cousins that live in Alabama. They had a really fun week, we were able to bring the girls back with us for a few days. They all had a blast and fun summer memory. Gordie's kids are Cortland "8", Sofia "6" , Eva "3".

August Update ... 2010 ...Part 2 ...06/04/10

Joey, Gavin and Ellie were in dance last year. At the end of each school year there is a big recital called the "Memories Show". Joey was in ballet, Gavin in ballet and Tap and Ellie was in a Tap/Ballet class that did a ballet number in the show. I was so proud of me little ones and bonus we do not have to buy any Halloween costumes ... LOL!

23 August, 2010

August Update ... 2010 ... Part 1

I have been the worst blogger this summer and I am truly sorry. I fell like this summer has beet the shortest/craziest summer ever. Between Joey being in the Montrose (it felt weird taking pictures of Gavin and Ellie without Joe Joe), the funeral, weddings and reunions there has not been much time for blogging . So I am excited to bring to everyone an August Update, I will chronic all the goings on this summer and get all caught up and back in the wagon. Oh did I mention Mike and I are trying to move? Our lease is up in less than a month and we will (if all goes well) be moving into a house!! That is a whole other post/craziness all together, I will keep all posted on that one. O.K ... here I go!!

18 August, 2010

First Day of School .... 08/18/2010

Joey and Gavin started school today. The summer did not seem long enough and all though I am ready for the routine and schedule I will miss the lazy days of summer. The boys and I were talking last night after back to school night. Joey is a very good reader and Loves to read to Gavin who says he is not a reader but a writer. And all though I tried to explain to Gavin that if you love writing you read what you and write and so he is a reader (somehow that did not work :(. Another year and another chance ror nightly reading ... Gavin reads well he just thinks too hard about it. I hope that this year the boys have an easy time and enjoy the class and teachers around them. I hope I can remember when they need to be encouraged and when they need to be reminded of their tasks. I hope they grow a litter taller but more so they grow in talents and friendships. I love my boys, I am proud of what they have done to get to where they are now and Hold much Hope for all that is to come. Good luck Boys!!