31 March, 2010

Photo Shoot

Because Joey is being baptized with his cousin Kaeli, we needed to get some pictures of the two for the program. Joey tends to pay attention to everything else besides smiling for the picture so .... this is just a sampling of the funniness that was this photo shoot. I will post the ones we used for the program on Sat!!

08 March, 2010

Joey for President

Joey had a project at school that he worked on for weeks. He had to research a president and choose three activities to do around that research, one of the activities was to dress like that president. Joey had to dress like John F. Kennedy, we bought him a new shirt and tie. He had a good day and walked around with a sense of pride that day. He wanted me to take a picture before he went to school and this is what we got ...... he he he he ......... love him :o)
he looks a little scared ... he he he he

04 March, 2010

8 is GR8

Joey turned 8 on Feb. 28th. He has had a couple of celebrations, but the biggest one is yet to come. Joey will be Baptized April 3, with his cousin. He was able to have a sleep over and then on his birthday we had our dear friends the Brassard's over for lunch and cupcakes. there was a lot of mess, but it was a lot of fun. Happy Birthday my dear Joey.