23 February, 2010

Ellie's Pink Eye

We are going through the winter crud. Miss Ellie Belle had the joy of pink eye. She did not seem to be in any pain, she disliked the anti-biotic eye drops more than her eye seemed to bother her. She is very good at sharing but luckily for us did not share this with anyone else in our family! I hope that we are on the mend with all of the winter sickies. P.S. it looks like we beat her up, I promise she was not :o)


01 February, 2010

Gavin's Birthday Party

For Gavin's birthday we took him and his best buddies to see the new Chickmunk Movie. We ate lunch and opened presents at McDonald's. It was a lot of fun but it made for a long party. Happy 6th birthday Gav-a-lav!!

Ellie's Birthday Party

Ellie turned "4" on Jan. 25th, but on Sat. Jan. 23rd we had a "Fairy, Dress Up" party. We had it in the clubhouse and were able to use the big movie room to watch the Tinkerbell Movie. My lovely friend Lisa came to help do some face painting all and all the girls had a lot of fun! Mike and I did too really!!