27 January, 2010

Retro Wednesday ... Double Dose

It is a double dose tonight because I am posting about Gavin and Ellie's birthday's. Ellie turned four on Monday, wow I can not believe my baby is four all ready. Ellie is a girly girl, she loves princesses and fairies, anything pink, dressing up and looking cute. She is a lot of fun right now with all of the funny things that come out of her mouth. She started pre-school this year and loves it. At the beginning of the month she started in Sunbeams at church, she has even given her first talk :o) Ellie is so sweet and loving, she can be rough and tumble with the boys if the need presents itself, but can be so tender and loving too. We lover her to the ends of the earth and can not imagine our family without her.

sorry her baby pic is not the best ... they were on a hard drive that crashed, so this was the best I could do. Hope you all enjoy.

A little Dose of Gavin

Gavin turned 6 on Jan. 8th. He is in all day kindergarten at Hulstrom Options school (a k-8) He is really into mini skateboards, anything to do with art {painting,coloring,clay,cutting paper, etc.) He still likes to play with girl toys, but seems to be growing out of that more and more. He is very sweet and loving, he is very patient with Ellie and tries to be good and do what is right. School has not hardened him too much and I am thankful for that too. He can read and is doing really well in other subjects at school as well. We love him very much and know that our family would be very different with out him. We are thankful he was sent to be a part of our family.

19 January, 2010

Pray for Baby Scout .......

My Cousin's daughter Scout is very sick. If you have a moment please help pray for her. Bailey is Scout's Mom and her sister Aubrey posted about what is going on here is the link (http://thekekauohas.blogspot.com/2010/01/super-scout-is-sick.html) . My heart is breaking, we just saw little Scouty Pants around Thanksgiving when they passed through town on their way to Utah and back. We love you Scout and your family is in our prayers.

18 January, 2010

Sunday quote of the week ...

Ellie gave her first primary talk today. Mike wrote her talk, and I loved a couple of quotes he put in there. So I was "inspired" to share those will all of you!

Ezra Taft Benson once said,

"Nothing is going to startle us more then when we pass through the veil to the other side, than to see how well we know our Father in Heaven and how familiar his face is to us. Can you imagine how exciting it will be to return home to him one day?"

President Hinkley once said,

"Let us never forget that we are children of God at all times."

14 January, 2010

Retro Wednesday (on Thursday)

I have been slacking on the "retro Wednesdays" so a day late but here we go, back on track!! Today's is retro because it was yesterday {he he he he} and Wednesday because they were taken on wednesday. My brother Cary has been staying with us and I am so grateful for his help he has given me with the children. He has quickley become their favorite uncle. Cary climed on the counter and Ellie wanted in his arms, they looked so cute together that Cary and I decided to take some pictures. They were being so silly, Cary always makes Ellie laugh, and my big tough brother is mush in her hands too! In some of the pictures she is feeling his whiskers and in others he is giving her a hard time. They had some pictures together that looked really good. They turned out great, if you ask me {wink, wink}

07 January, 2010

thank you mandy ...

Gavin will officially be 6 tomorrow afternoon and I do not know who started the first giving of the treats to the whole class tradition, but I am tired. So thank you Mandy for posting your great Halloween treats. I was inspired to make similar ones for Gavin's class and finished them tonight. I think they are cute and also decided I am in need of some better birthday stamps. Hope Gavin's class enjoys the skittles inside. Here is the link to Mandy's original post in her stamping/scrapping blog http://lilbitoscrappin.blogspot.com/2008/11/halloween-favors.html .

01 January, 2010

Christmas trip to Montrose 3of3

{Girls just wanna have fun}Ellie and I had a lot of fun going out for a "girls" afternoon of shopping. For those of you who have ever been to Montrose you know that means {Target, J. C. Penny, Maurices, or mom and pop shops} We ended up at J.C. Penny's cosmetic department. Kayla walked the isles and helped Ellie try out any thing she wanted. So Ellie ended up with pink and blue eyes with glitter, blush and RED hot lip gloss! It was a lot of silly fun, even I tried on some makeup. Go J.C. Penny!!