09 September, 2009

We visited Wes-A-ley (Ellie's loving way of saying Weley)

We were able to go to Mike sister Karin and her husband Denni's house to visit Wesley and the girls (on 9-05-09). I had a lot of fun helping Karin decorate his new room, I do not have pictures of that but Karin will! The kids were glad to see each other and of course Ellie had a lot of fun holding Wesley. Mike fell asleep with him in his arms, he really wanted to hold him, maybe we will have another ;) we will see!


  1. Wesley is changing so much!! Ellie just loves that boy

  2. I finally painted the letters last night. I think they turned out pretty good. I will have to take pictures in the morning. (Wes got his shots and has been doing a lot of sleeping. so the room is dark.)
    I just love how Ellie loves Wesley! It just warms my heart! And I love having you all over. I sure do miss you and we should get together more often!

  3. Yes, we should get together more often!! It is a lot of fun to see Ellie with Wesley!!