11 November, 2009

{Happy Birthday Mikey}

Mike is "30" I can not believe he is that old! J/K {my day is coming} Mike did not want to do anything big or rather at all for his birthday. So in true Dee Dee style I planned a surprise dinner out with friends. It is rough to have a birthday on Halloween we you are a kid, even worse when you are a daddy. We were unable to celebrate on his birthday {we did sing to him at the Halloween party} so we went out to dinner the next evening. We went to The Old Spaghetti Factory and had a blast. Neither Mike nor I had ever been so it was a lot of fun. The food was great and we were glad to spend in with a few friends {Devin and Jacquelyn, Shantel and Gerardo, & Arif and Karry} Happy thirty love, I love you. Can not wait to see what surprise I will have for you @ your 40th!

*** ok about the balloon hat. We were about to leave the restaurant and then the balloon guy came over. A few jokes later and Mike, Mr. I can take it, received the lovely hat. It was so funny, BONUS the kids loved it!***


  1. that hat is ridiculously awesome....
    mike is such an old fart now.

  2. Dee Dee can you send me your e-mail? I thought I had it but I don't... I would LOVE some cute bows/flowers but I want to pay you for them at least for your cost of supplies, etc. mindysumens@gmail.com!!!! BTW I is you hubby's birthday November 11th? My Brother Mike just turned 30 on the 11th as well... small world!