01 February, 2010

Ellie's Birthday Party

Ellie turned "4" on Jan. 25th, but on Sat. Jan. 23rd we had a "Fairy, Dress Up" party. We had it in the clubhouse and were able to use the big movie room to watch the Tinkerbell Movie. My lovely friend Lisa came to help do some face painting all and all the girls had a lot of fun! Mike and I did too really!!


  1. Dee Dee- I've been blog stalking you for a little while and finally decided to post. Anyway, you kids are so cute and what a fun fairy party!! Having only boys I wouldn't know what they is like :)

  2. I have been wondering what you were up to!! I went back to school in the fall to finish pre-req's, deciding weather or not to get a nursing degree! I am so excited you posted. I woud love to pick your brain about being a nurse and 'ld love to see your blog, do you have one?? Thank you for the nice comment. I have 2 boys, you know and so I think Ellie had not choice but to be a "girly-girl" once she was born. he he he he he he, good to hear from you.