19 May, 2010

Meet ** BUDDY ** in the second grade they study bugs (thus the bug play) There were four lizards and you could sign a permission slip for your child if it was OK for then to be in the drawing to bring the lizards home as a pet. Joey did not even know I signed the slip, so when he won one of the lizards he was not sure if I would let him keep it .... LOL! Well he named him Buddy and we have had fun with him. We got a good deal in a tank set up and even got him a girlfriend :) Gavin wanted a lizard also and these were only $5. Gavin named his LIZABELLA (pics to come later) easy pets really. The second day we had Buddy Gavin got freaked out cause he pooped on him while he was holding him, so he tossed him on the couch, proceeding to loose the poor guy. I figured Beau ate him or I would find him in a dry shriveled hump. 2 days later Joey was eating breakfast and yelled because Buddy was climbing up the back of the couch. Crazy Lizard, he is safe and sound now, lesson learned .... he he he!

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