18 August, 2010

First Day of School .... 08/18/2010

Joey and Gavin started school today. The summer did not seem long enough and all though I am ready for the routine and schedule I will miss the lazy days of summer. The boys and I were talking last night after back to school night. Joey is a very good reader and Loves to read to Gavin who says he is not a reader but a writer. And all though I tried to explain to Gavin that if you love writing you read what you and write and so he is a reader (somehow that did not work :(. Another year and another chance ror nightly reading ... Gavin reads well he just thinks too hard about it. I hope that this year the boys have an easy time and enjoy the class and teachers around them. I hope I can remember when they need to be encouraged and when they need to be reminded of their tasks. I hope they grow a litter taller but more so they grow in talents and friendships. I love my boys, I am proud of what they have done to get to where they are now and Hold much Hope for all that is to come. Good luck Boys!!

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