16 February, 2011

{Retro Wednesday}

I know I have been MIA. But this is a new year and I have a new plan. Today's Retro Post is about Valentine's Day .... I know not too retro, but I have more fun stuff for next week and am excited to share our LoVe with you!!! We had a lot of fun celebrating this year, I even got a chance to sneek in a few crafts. It was my year to give to Mikey so I planned a few things. On Sat. 02/12/11 we went out and bought a new bed spread and got massages { I know that bed thing does not seem romantic but we needed it and and new bed is always fun!} Then Sat. evening we went out to dinner at the Cherry Cricket .... it's been around for a long time and was featured on the Travel channel and the Food Network. The burgers were Awesome ..... we had a great time and my brother Cary was able to come celebrate with us. Sun 02/13/11 morning Mike made HeArT shaped red velvet pancakes and I gave Mike and the kiddos their Valentines. I thought that besides the Valentine parties at school on Mon. 02/14/11 we were done. But I was SuRpRiSeD when I came down the stairs Monday morning and there was a Dozen Roses waiting to surprise me from Mike. What a fun holiday this year. I LoVe YOU ... MY FAMILY!!

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