04 November, 2011

{Holy CRAP .... where have I been?!?!}

I know right!! I have been at work mostly, and sometimes at home, I have been spending time with my family and sometimes my friends ... I have a brokenish camera and do not have many pics to share, but I will do my best. I am spending the next few days getting everyone up to speed on all things Bealer Babies, and I promise to never leave you hanging like that again. Love you all miss you all.

For those if you who do not know, we got 2 new puppies, in April I believe. We have a Chocolate Lab/great Dane mix named Moose {because he is chocolate and will be as big as moose when he grows up. And a pure bred Black Lab named Diesel {cause we liked the name and LOL, Mike is a diesel mechanic.} The goal was to train them to go hunting with Mike, we did not meet the goal but we are still working on it. Diesel is a very sweet , very fat puppy who wants to do nothing but be by you and get loves. Moose is a curious puppy who love to chew {we always have bones around} and play with Diesel. Moose can be a little clumsy but he is very sweet, even when his curiosities get him in trouble. We were luck to have a friend of mine {Denise} get some pics of them at random times. I was taking some pics of them last night and thinking on how small they used to be .... and how big they are now ... how that they are still growing. We love our baby puppies, they have been an added blessing to our family.

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