18 August, 2009

There is a song stuck in my head, "here is goes, here it goes, here is goes again" a catchy little tune by OK Go. Here is link the their music video on youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv5zWaTEVkI . Why is that song stuck in my head?!? Well here is goes again I am starting a new family blog and really feel like this one will be the last on our stop to blog nirvana. Don't get me wrong I love the Baby Jelly Beans site we have, but as neglected as it has been I needed to have a blog that was free. We pay like $8 bucks a month, not that much at all really. But when you are re-doing a budget you try hard to cut out unnecessary costs. A blog we have to pay for being one of them! I noticed too that the last post besides a quick hello a few weeks ago was around Easter!! I really want to keep everyone informed of what is going on the world of the Bealer Babies and so . . . no promises but I will try!!

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