27 January, 2010

Retro Wednesday ... Double Dose

It is a double dose tonight because I am posting about Gavin and Ellie's birthday's. Ellie turned four on Monday, wow I can not believe my baby is four all ready. Ellie is a girly girl, she loves princesses and fairies, anything pink, dressing up and looking cute. She is a lot of fun right now with all of the funny things that come out of her mouth. She started pre-school this year and loves it. At the beginning of the month she started in Sunbeams at church, she has even given her first talk :o) Ellie is so sweet and loving, she can be rough and tumble with the boys if the need presents itself, but can be so tender and loving too. We lover her to the ends of the earth and can not imagine our family without her.

sorry her baby pic is not the best ... they were on a hard drive that crashed, so this was the best I could do. Hope you all enjoy.

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