14 January, 2010

Retro Wednesday (on Thursday)

I have been slacking on the "retro Wednesdays" so a day late but here we go, back on track!! Today's is retro because it was yesterday {he he he he} and Wednesday because they were taken on wednesday. My brother Cary has been staying with us and I am so grateful for his help he has given me with the children. He has quickley become their favorite uncle. Cary climed on the counter and Ellie wanted in his arms, they looked so cute together that Cary and I decided to take some pictures. They were being so silly, Cary always makes Ellie laugh, and my big tough brother is mush in her hands too! In some of the pictures she is feeling his whiskers and in others he is giving her a hard time. They had some pictures together that looked really good. They turned out great, if you ask me {wink, wink}


  1. Boy do I ever miss her! and the boys too! Am I still her favorite Auntie? It has been forever and I am afraid that she doesn't even remember me!

  2. you are so funny, yes she misses you!