28 October, 2009

{Snow Day, Snow Day}

Joey and Gavin have had to brave the snow and go to school already today {thank heaven for carpools and this was not my day to drive} Ellie and I have not even gotten out of our jammies yet today! Lot's of snow, cold and wind! Ellie looked out the window and told me she was going to make snow angels, we went on the back porch to see the snow better. She lasted as long as it took to film the little video!


  1. So cute! Did it stop snowing out there? We have a snow day today...so we had Emma crying for 45min because she wanted to go to school! Crazy huh? Can't wait to see those snow angels that sweet Ellie will make! Love you!

  2. I did not slow snowing here until about 9am this morning. The boys had school yesterday but cancelled today. We will see if the trunk or treats get cancelled or moved inside during school. I am at work in Louisville and it was worse in Thornton so we will see!