22 October, 2009

{Intoducing our new Bundle of Puppy Joy}

We have a new member of our family . . . Beau. Beau is a "pure bred hybrid" i.e. he is a puggle. His mother is a Beagle and his father is a Pug. He was born Aug. 29th and joined our family Oct. 17th. Mike and I originally talked about getting a puppy for Christmas, but as you can see Mike could not wait that long { I guess I wanted him a lot too!} Beau is a really good puppy and has a perfect personality for our family. He is sweet, loving and wants to always be with us. He will come follow you around and sit at your feet waiting for you to pick him up. He is a little teether and we are helping him learn what are his toys and what is not ok to put in his mouth, no major causalities yet. I love how Beau will come and curl in your lap and just crash, he is still a baby :0) We are very excited to watch our "puppy puppy" {Ellie's name for him} grow and all the memories we know are in store.


  1. He's cute! Just look at that face...no wonder you just had to have him!

  2. Seriously too cute. I LOVE him!