22 October, 2009

{Ellie Belly}

I took this picture if Ellie on Conference Sunday. She was all cuddled on the floor ready to listen. She did her own hair that day and put a flower bow right on the top of her hair. I thought it looked silly but somehow made this picture really cute. I can not believe that my baby will be 4 in January, nor can I believe the things she thinks of or the little person she is becoming. When I look at this picture it has become one of my favorites of her. She is so innocent and not at the same time. I love her so much and feel so blessed she is mine, I know the lord knew what he was doing when he sent Ellie to me.

1 comment:

  1. I am so thankful that God gave you Ellie too! Cause I love her and miss her soooo much! Please give her a big hug and a kiss from her "Auntie"!